We already dived into the Django Admin app in the previous story. You can access it from here. In this story, we will continue trying to understand what ModelAdmin class is and how we can use it. Also, you can get the code from below.

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In this section, I will…

In this story, we will try to understand what unsupervised learning is and we will be doing an example about unsupervised learning.

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Unsupervised Learning

Basically, we can say if the dependent (target) variable isn’t in the dataset, then the problem is an unsupervised learning problem. Unsupervised Learning algorithms don’t need dependent (target)…

We will try to point out how we can measure the success of classification models and introduction to Logistic Regression by this story.

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As aforementioned, we use regression models to predict continuous variables. Although the Logistic Regression contains “regression” in it, we use it to predict categorical variables. So, Logistic…

Applied examples in Google Spreadsheet: Introduction to Linear Regression and MSE, RMSE, MAE

In this story, we’ll point out what regression model evaluation methods are. I’ve prepared a Google Spreadsheet for this topic. You can access it below:

The evaluation methods were created based on this question: “How successful are…

End to End Basic Concepts of Feature Engineering and Applied Examples in Python: Outliers, Missing Values, Encoders, Feature Scaling, Feature Extracting

If you are relevant to ML or AI topics, definitely you have heard about “feature engineering”. I want to quote from Thomas C. Redman before I start the writing.

In this story, we will try to cover what Association Rule Learning is, and I will demonstrate an applied example in Python. Also, I will share the codes in Kaggle. You can access the Kaggle notebook at the following link:

What is Association Rule Learning?

Association Rule Learning is a rule-based machine learning technique that…


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