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There are several types of recommendation system techniques. Content-Based Filtering is one of them. We can simply explain it as; this technique creates recommendations by using items’ descriptions.

What is Association Rule Learning?

Association Rule Learning is a rule-based machine learning technique that is used for finding patterns (relations, structures etc.) in datasets. By learning these patterns we will be able to offer some items to our customers. For offering, we will use the Apriori Algorithm.

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What is Apriori Algorithm

In this learning technique, we use the Apriori Algorithm for extracting associations with targeted items. …

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What is RFM?

RFM is the process of segmenting customers by using RFM metrics. We standardize RFM metrics thus we get segments. After creating segments, we take action by using these segments. RFM works perfectly for sales data.

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  • Which customer will do a purchase in the next period?
  • Top N customers are expected to make the most purchases in…

Set-Up, Model Registration, Meta Keyword, App Section, Admin Site Titles

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  • What are the package and module
  • What is the file
  • What are the relative and absolute paths

Create Workspace

I’m going to create a folder and open vscode on this folder.

cd Desktop/WS &&…


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